About Us

What We Do

Private Capital from Patient Investors

We seek to partner with business owners, entrepreneurs and financial partners/co-investors to provide patient capital for a value-added partnership.  In addition to traditional funding sources, we utilize flexible capital structures and transaction types to provide the business an opportunity to grow without oppressive balance sheets.

Our extensive network of bankers, equity partners, debt providers and operational professionals ensures each company access to top-tier advisors.

Experienced Partners

PJM Advisors brings an experienced team of professionals with diversified backgrounds and skills.  We view the relationship as a true partnership and strive to understand the needs of every company with which we work.  Our management team is available 24/7 to discuss strategy or work through issues.  While active ownership is not for every company, the partners we work with benefit from an engaged team both on a strategic advisory level and an operationally focused one. 

Personal Approach

The benefit of being a small team comes in our ability to make and implement decisions quickly.  We strive to provide potential investment opportunities a timely response of our decision.  The same for our active investments - our team is able to act quickly and provide the necessary support is any situation.

PJM Advisors maintains close relationships with past investments despite no longer being in the portfolio.  Many opportunities have come from this network of owners and entrepreneurs.